Monday, October 29, 2007

Fast Food, Obesity's Biggest Culprit

Trend in Fast food Obesity: The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools reports dramatic increase in consumption of fast food by children since 1970. Presently, children get 10 percent of their total energy intake from fast foods, compared to 2 percent in the 1970s.

Since fast food adds 6 pounds per child per year and 33% of the children and teens in the US consume fast food, obesity is on the rise.

Fast food obesity
Fast food obesity

Occurrence of Fast food Obesity: According to a report published in Chicago Tribune, fast-food consumption is more in higher-income households, young boys, older children, African-Americans and children living in the south, whereas fast food consumption is found to be low in youngsters living in the West, rural areas, Hispanics, white women and those aged 4 to 8. Due to the increase in the number of fast food outlets, fast food prevails in virtually every segment of the society, including hospitals and schools, as per a study on fast food & obesity by Harvard School of Public Health.

Relation of fast food to obesity: Fast foods compromise the quality of diet by replacing more healthy foods. Fast foods are known for having high content of saturated and trans-fat, low content of fiber and massive portion sizes, leading to obesity.

Managing Fast food Obesity:
The onus lies on parents to educate their children about the ill effects of fast food. Obesity can be prevented in children by allowing fast food in moderation only. Also, both, the big and small fast food players should educate people about the contents of their products.


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