Monday, April 28, 2008

Purse Meme

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1. Do you frequently switch between several purses? (Diaper bags are their own category, Moms!) How many purses are in your rotation right now?
Unfortunately, I do not switch (except for a very formal event). My youngest made his First Holy Communion this weekend and I realized I was carrying my backpack/purse. Ahh well, I stowed it under the pew but away from the kneelers' feet space.

2. What kind of purse do you usually carry? Is it huge and slouchy, small and trim, or somewhere in between? Do you go for colorful and quirky or neutral and conventional?
I had a rather stylish red purse for almost a year but I am a backpack gal. I have a small one - as backpacks go (from Walmart)

3. Do you call it a purse? Or a Pocketbook, Handbag, Bag, or ??
LOL - I usually call it my purse

4. How old is the oldest purse you own?
I have 3 clutch bags from the days I used to go out to pretty fancy places. The oldest over 20 years old.

5. When did you buy your last purse? Describe it! My RED purse (now retired) in May 2007

6. What is the most you ever spent on a purse? Maybe $40.00 back before kids. So, since that was "the olden days . . . with the cost of inflation that might be $60.00 today. YEEEouch! I cannot fathom spending that these days. What was I, crazy??

7. How many pockets, divisions, or pouches are in your everyday purse? Can you tell without looking? Without looking . . . hold on let me count in my head. 4 or 5 (I use containers within the main part of the backpack)

8. Have you ever purposely hit someone with your purse? No, but what a grand idea LOL

9. How badly would someone be hurt, if you really wholloped 'em with it?
a) ow.
b) OW!
c) Silence... because it laid the offendee clean out on the floor.
It might hurt a small child but an adult would just laugh.

10. Without looking guess how many of the following items your purse contains (You don't need to identify, but you can if you want to):

*makeup items (including nail care): face powder, eyeliner, mascara, shadow and lip gloss.
I do not wear make up everyday so often I forget as part of my "getting ready regime" when going some place that warrents a "grown up" look.
If I carry it in my backpack I can fix that forgetfulness!
I OFTEN put make-up on in the rider side seat!! It all fits in a small clear cylindrical zip pencil case.

*hair care items: None, I have fingers (and very short hair)
*pens and/or pencils: 2

*books/notebooks/address books/mail: Sometimes I carry my planner in there

*items relating to your kids: A couple of pictures, a buddy buck now and again

*items belonging to your husband or boyfriend: nope

*food: 2 -3 Packets of Sustain sports drink powder - to add to water. (great stuff - has more electrolytes that any other sports drink - all natural)

*medicines (including tissue): inhaler (just in case)

*church related items: St Joseph's prayer card, rosary, my daily devotional (using the White Book right now)

*glasses/sunglasses: nope

*category to be named by you: wallet(s) with all those store punch cards and discount cards.

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