Monday, August 10, 2009

Natural Aphid Control

I highly recommend Garden's Alive's Lady Bugs. Here is their information:
Adult lady beetles and their larvae are an excellent, non-chemical way to control aphids, Colorado potato beetles (egg stage) and other insect pests in your garden. But unlike the lady beetles sold by most other companies, ours are:
  • screened to remove patasitoid-infested beetles
  • ready to lay eggs the day you release them
  • hungry for pests!
Up to 20% of the lady beetles shipped by other companies are parasitized. So, not only will their lady beetles die shortly after you receive them, but they'll also release parasitoids that will kill any lady beetles previously in your garden.

Our Sta-Home lady beetles arrive healthy and ready to feed on pests! Females immediately lay eggs, which provide a second wave of pest-eaters within a week. And these larvae, which can't fly, have an even bigger appetite than the adults!
  • We precondition our lady beetles by feeding them a healthy diet to encourage egg laying. We also remove all parasitoid-infesting beetles so they don't attack your purchased or existing beetles.

  • One package of about 900 Sta-Home adults will produce more than 10,000 pest-eating larvae in your garden within 30 days! We ship at the proper time for your area or on the date you specify.

Note: We take great care to ensure that your insects arrive safely and in good health, ready for your garden. We normally ship them on Monday or Tuesday so they arrive before the weekend.

Pricing? Here it is. Go to Gardens Alive to order. This is just a cut and paste. :-)

1 pkg of Sta-HomeTM Lady Beetles (covers 1,000 sq ft)
1+ $13.95 Qty
1 of 3 pkgs of Sta-HomeTM Lady Beetles (1 package each of 3 shipments at 3-week intervals)
1+ $35.95 Qty

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jugglingpaynes said...

I never know which of your blogs to respond on! They are all so interesting. We love ladybugs. I try to go as natural as possible in my yard.

Congratulations on your new feline friend! Let me know when and where you post a photo.

Peace and Laughter,

Soutenus said...

LOL - I get an email notification on comments so feel free to comment anywhere!

Ginger's pic is up on Catholic Notebook.:-)

You will find the legend of the lady bug there as well! :-)

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