Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Frugal Creative Organization (FCO)

Frugality and Creative Organization Meet!

I love to find new and creatively innovative ways to use things . . . . old things, odd things, ordinary things, created things, recycled things. I have done this all of my life (as I am sure many people have). Here are a couple of examples.

Pantry Pockets -- This is a fabulous way to get a lot more organizing space out of your pantry. You can find these shoe pockets at any discount store.

They have 4 small hooks that go over the back of your door. I think it helps to tack them to the door about mid-way down, also.

I think they are a perfect gift for a college student or a young person moving into their first apartment or house. You can fill them with all sorts of goodies from necessities to comfort items!
There are clear vinyl and mesh style pockets from which to choose -- all in the same price range.
Total cost ~ $9.00 to $12.00 (empty)
My pockets hold:
lids to the jars I recycle by re-using
rubber bands
Sustain Sports Drink Packets
pectin for jam making
Tough and Tender wipes
Hot chocolate mix
salad dressing, gravy, onion soup, chili & taco mixes
post-it notes and small notepads
cornbread mix
yeast packets
emergency votive candles & matches
Renew hand lotion
Chocolate chips
wildflower seeds to be planted this fall
FiberWise packets

AND . . . . . This is my Organizational Corner.
  • I have been using my Birthday Calendar for about 7 years now. I printed it out at Kinkos on over sized card stock, had it spiral bound and viola! Total cost ~ $4.00
  • I love that I have found a great new use for an "old thing" (aka: an LP holder). It now holds bills, mail and catalogues perfectly.
Total Cost: *free!* (Found in an attic clean-up . They were going to toss it!)

The lamp sheds light on the whole corner and is like the lamps on my parents' bedroom end tables. This lamp is one of my favorite Salvation Army finds.

I do have a Salvation Army rule though -- I give before I buy anything. And I only buy decorative things because there are many who have a greater need than we do for necessities (clothes, shoes, coats, cooking supplies, basic furniture)


A Wonderful Life! said...

Thank you for the post. I see you are keeping a Catholic Notebook. I found it really informative. I grew up a Methodist but am studying to be a Catholic so I can raise my girls in the faith of their Father. They are Catholic and I feel its important for us all to be, so I can raise and teach them properly. Also If you look at my blogs I view at the bottom there is a great site for money saving moms with tons of tips and coupons of your interested. :) Thank you and God Bless Stephanie

Danette said...

Great Post! I used to be such an organized person before all the kids. I still try though! Keep up the great ideas!

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