Thursday, October 15, 2009

5 Reasons Why Social Media Works' by Jessica Northey

I can’t say enough about how much I believe in Social Media and the power it possesses! So far, learning the value of attracting, rather than pitching is my greatest lesson to date!

Recently, I have been working with a new client and we have been able to get immediate results for her! She is a Celebrity/Pundit/Author and has used Social Media options to connect to others with same believes, values and issues. It even works for celebrities to connect with other celebrities. The bottom line is that we can have relationships and do business with people we would have never met or made contact with. It is so incredibly valuable.
Here are 5 reasons, in no particular order, why I think Social Media works! (I could do dozens but these are pretty general!)
1.) Anyone can reach out of their comfort zone to connect with others based on interests, hobbies and/or locality.
2.) Ease of use no matter what your online experience/knowledge is.
3.) The user controls the information they want to receive or look for.
4.) It is constantly changing to meet our needs as our needs change.
5.) The opportunities are endless and only limited by our imagination.

WE are the key to Social Media’s continued success. If we respect one another on these different platforms and ‘tweet others as we would want to be tweeted’ we will keep building relationships, trust and making business connections.
Just remember that together we can turn this economy around, one tweet at a time!

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