Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let's Make a Deal!

Don't you just love finding something great on craigslist, freecycle or your community version of such sites? Here is my latest treasure.   ~~~>

Two quilts from Pottery Barn . . . .
Two blankets from Eddie Bauer . . . .
A cool Texas pillow to boot . . . .

I picked these up at the seller's house. She was redecorating the guest room and had these nicely laundered and folded in the corner. She was right, this bedding did  NOT go with her new decor in this room the family never used.

Did you catch the last part of that sentence?  . . . . the  "room the family never used".
Thus, the blankets were never (well, hardly ever) used!!

I checked out the quilts over @ Pottery Barn. The closest pattern (twin size) --- $179.00. EACH
I checked out Eddie Bauer blankets . . . .  $60.00 to $150.00 for the blankets.  EACH

If you have read this far it is probably because you love a deal as much as I do . . . . . . What did I pay?
Drumroll, as you scroll down, please . . . .

$60.00 total.  I Loooooove it!
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