Monday, December 14, 2009

The Sing Off!

A Cappella!

by Linda Holmes
I predict you will either thrill to the above clip or immediately hide under your desk.
The success of Glee has convinced NBC that it's the right time for a four-night a cappella competition called The Sing-Off, which starts tonight. A cappella singing is one of those things that is loved by its fans as ardently as it is despised by its enemies.

Most people, I think, have gotten most of their exposure in college, where this activity is still surprisingly vibrant and aggressively, proudly corny. Several of the competitors on The Sing-Off are college groups, but some aren't -- including the Baltimore moms who make a very refreshing appearance in this video.

At the risk of revealing yet another kind of nerd I am, I will be watching (via Hulu or YouTube - because we do not have a TV).

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