Monday, March 1, 2010

I Try To Run My House Like I Run My Home Business

1. I am mission driven.

2. I try not give up.

3. I move through my days with a sense of urgency in order to get important things accomplished.

4. I try to discern between income-producing activities and time wasters.

5. I take responsibility for communicating clearly.

6. I try to be courteous.

7. I establish efficient systems (and try to stick to the plan)

8. I show up consistently (sometimes in my pjs - but I show up!)

9. I celebrate success.

10. I  have clearly defined goals that are broken down into specific, daily, measurable tasks.

11. I  have a budget.

12. I try to have a servant's heart.

13. I  try to continually improve.

14. I seek out the best people for my team.

15. I try to be innovative.

16. I lead by example  (for good or bad, I lead by example).

H/T to MaryLee for inspiring me to do my best in both my home and my home business

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