Saturday, May 8, 2010


I found a great resource to help us help our kids learn how to focus.  
And who can't use a tip or two in paying attention?

Here is a quote:

Some things are just better taken in bits and pieces. When kids already have trouble paying attention, being faced with pages of math, passages to memorize, or long periods of ‘boring stuff’, breaking it down is often a great solution.
1. Divide memorization into sections, and study at different times. Maybe your child has to memorize “The Road Not Taken”. Work on stanza one during the ride to school. After school, review stanza one and add verse two. While cooking dinner, add verse three to the mix. After dinner, review and add the last verse. Remember, you eat an elephant a bite at a time.
2. Learn vocabulary words in different places. Divide vocabulary lists into groups of five, and study each group in a different room. If she’s learning a foreign language that has gender or verb forms, consider having one room to learn masculine nouns and another for feminine. Learn one verb form in the kitchen, another in the car, the irregulars in the bathroom . . . .

You can order the e-book here:
author: Kayla Fay

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