Saturday, March 5, 2011

Your Car Insurance Company is Probably Not Telling You . . . .

 . . . . that insurance rates are constantly changing.

I am a frugal gal who works from home and has a large network of people that I stay in contact with all across the USA. I listen to my business partners and clients across the country and I have learned a few things!

1) In many parts of the country car insurance rates have actually dropped significantly. You do not automatically get that savings. Your insurance company sure isn't eager for you to find out! But it is there for the taking.
If your driving record has improved you may get even more cost savings on your policy.

2) You are NOT locked in to your policy and its terms. Insurance is not like a typical cell phone contract.
If you are thinking, "yes, but I prepay or have paid ahead,"  do not fear!
You have the right to cancel your policy at any time and get a pro-rated refund.

3) There is no cost to switch policies from one company to another! (I wish cell phones were like that!)

You can easily compare quotes from many insurance companies to see who delivers the most savings.

I say, "Go for it!"

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