Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Ladder of Roses

There is a really neat project happening over at Woodlands Home.
I feel compelled to participate! Here is My Point of View on Ladders. . . . 

Check it out at Woodlands Home and join the weekly project. 

This is the first image I thought of when I heard, "ladders."  I searched for awhile before I was able to find this photo. It is perfect -- exactly what I had imagined! 

I have been slowly nurturing my gardening skills and find I love eclectic garden art, fountains and planters. 
I suppose our recent trip to nearby Arbor really sparked my interest in bohemian gardening!

Today I filled a white wood and glass birdhouse with black soil and planted English Ivy in it. Very pretty! If I must say so myself. 

Graphic Source:  Garden Notes

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ooooh, keep that English Ivy in the pot and not in the yard or garden. It becomes a major pest and quickly! It's illegal to sell/plant English Ivy in Oregon. It overwhelms the forests.
But I love the ladder and roses. Very pretty.

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