Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Big Leaf Prints

A perfect project for all ages -- very young to very old! These examples were created by 3 year olds!

I used the lid of my cake pan to hold the paint (acrylics in a variety of colors).  The children were free to add colors as they liked . . . . just a bit, spread around works very well.
Then the children pressed the leaf into the ink . . . . I used a big leafed plant in my garden.

Then we transfered the leaf to the paper.  The children really need to press down all around the leaf . . . .making sure to press all the way to the corners.  It takes a minute or two for small hands to be able to do this.
Carefully lift the leaf off the paper.
The results of the mixed colors are striking.
And each one comes out so differently, despite using the same leaf over and over.


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