Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Useful Internet Links for Writers & Teachers

Aesop’s Fables
Perfect for Unit I/II note taking and rewriting; has links to lesson plans & other Aesop miscellany. Also contains a complete collection of Anderson’s Fairy Tales (127) for reading and Unit III summarizing:

Audible Audio Books
Downloadable audio books and podcasts. Great for the road! Choose from 50,000 titles: - Try Audible Now and Get 2 Free Audiobook Downloads with a 14 Day Trial. Choose from over 60,000 Titles.
Bartleby’s Great Books Online
Fiction, non-fiction, and reference source texts online. You can even download Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style and Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations.

A huge web site where you can research book awards, read reviews, actually download hundreds (with links to thousands) of entire books—fiction, non-fiction, children’s, public domain, classics by Hans Christian Anderson, Mark Twain, R.L. Stevenson, etc. All free!

For a quick and easy to understand guide to using commas in American English, see the The Owl at Purdue, a writing guide for students:

Common Errors in English
A good source for keeping your students’ compositions error-free.

Institute for Excellence in Writing
Our most up-to-date seminar calendar as well as product descriptions, a order form, student samples, useful links, answers to common questions and our online store.
For an explanation on Narrative Stories. For teaching tips, Click here

IEW Families email loop
Sign up for an email loop of parents and teachers discussing the products and applications of the Teaching Writing: Structure & Style syllabus . This is an independently run web loop and is not administered or moderated by IEW.

Librivox (Acoustical Liberation of Books in the Public Domain)
LibriVox provides free audiobooks from the public domain.

Project Gutenberg
The major source of etext transcriptions on the web. Everything from Dante’s

Inferno (in Italian or English) to “The Miller’s Daughter” by Emile Zola. All free:

Society for the Preservation of English Language & Literature (SPELL)
A fun organization with a humorous and informative newsletter as well as a Scholarship-Essay Competition for High School Students. Richard Lederer (author of Anguished English) is VP and contributor.

Writing from Pictures - Helpful Tips from Laura B. Unit 5 Helps from Laura Bettis.pdf

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