Thursday, July 5, 2007


I was tickled at the email I got from my neighbor and had to share it! Let me give you some background first.
The other day a group of my neighbors & I talked about our days growing up and how "where we are from" has shaped our differing attitudes and opinions on things like . . . . home fireworks.

In our little cluster we had opinions representing Louisiana, Pennsylvania (your truly),Connecticut and Texas. The only woman who even seemed to come close to identifying with my adamant loathing of home fireworks was from Connecticut. . . go figure. :-)
My next door neighbor (Texas) was so funny - she sent me an email re-assuring me that she didn't plan to set off any of the typical exploding home fireworks (only sparklers and some other things I had never heard of)
I sent her a quick email response. Here it is:

It is that PA mentality, I guess. In school, at home, at church,
EVERYWHERE certain rules and convictions were drummed into us:

  • don't play with matches
  • don't smoke cigarettes
  • fireworks are dangerous
  • wear layers to keep warm
  • Philly cheese steaks are the best

She responded with the funniest email I have received in a while:
"And my TX mentality has been molded by these beliefs:

  • don't play with matches? If you can't play with matches how in the
    world are you gonna light your cigarette!
  • Yes, fireworks are dangerous - be sure to light them a safe distance from your firearms.
  • wear layers to keep warm? No, it's 'wear layers of baby oil to get that Texas
  • Philly cheese steaks are the best? Well, chicken fried steaks are

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