Saturday, March 8, 2008


I talk to people every day who hire exterminators to spray their houses & apartments.
The side effects of pesticides make looking at alternatives very important.
For example, did you realize that
  • Lindane, which is a cream given to people suffering from different insect bites, has been banned in California and many 3rd world countries.
  • The US Environmental Protection Agency has classified permethrin as a carcinogen because it causes lung tumors in lab rats. This is a cream that is used for insects.
  • Some bugs have grown resistant to pesticides and insecticides.
  • Pesticides are poisons that do not know when to stop killing.
Pesticides and insecticides do some serious collateral damage. They kill many animals that are good for the environment. These pesticides and insecticides are adversely affecting the health of people, too. Those affected first and most seriously are:
  • babies
  • babies in utero
  • pregnant women
  • children
  • older folks
  • people with allergies
  • people with asthma
  • people who get headaches and migraines
  • people with immune system problems
  • people with eczema and psoriasis
Melaleuca has some wonderful alternatives -- call Melaleuca ( 800 282 3000 ) and find out what you can use to replace the toxic poisons that you may using. AND! Spread the word -- let others know there is a solution!

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