Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Plastic Bag Creations

Recycle! Re-Use! Re-Create!

The first step is to make plarn. Yep, you read that correctly, plarn.

Plarn is the term used to describe the yarn that can be made from recycling plastic bags. The link with the best description and pictures, in my opinion, is Making Plarn with Marlo.

After the light bulb goes off and you are thinking, I get it! Try making one long strand of Plarn -- cool!

Can't crochet? Try Plastic Bag Fusing

a couple more links:

Working w/ Plarn - Hints and Tips!

Want to check out more sites? Try Making Plarn @ a very cool site called GooseFlesh. Helle Jorgensen is an artist down under, in Australia, and one of her mediums? You guessed it ... USED (she stresses it, so I will, too -- USED!) plastic bags. Incredible!

More plarn making: Making Plarn over @ MyRecycledBags.com

Green Tote Bag source: MyRecycledBags.com

Beach Bag Pattern and yet more instructions for making plarn.


Anonymous said...

Mom said we could so we are going to try this! Remember we learned how to crochet in summer Bible school.

Thanks for your great articles. We liked the biscut recipe (especially Dad).

We're going to come by The Best Nest next weekend and play Colorku with you. Look out because we have been practicing!

Sophie and Rose

Soutenus said...

Sophie and Rose,
I called your Mom but I will tell you guys, too.

We have an open house at school this Saturday so CC will run the shop in the a.m.
He will be there and so will Ken and Renee from the photography studio.
I will arrive at about 1:00 :-)

You could warm up your ColorKu skills by playing with them til I arrive.
I warn you -- I am getting good!

superior said...


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