Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Survival Advice in Case of a Plane Crash

Survive a plane crash? That sounds good!
These pieces of advice come from author, Ben Sherwood, who completed (and survived) FAA's plane crash survival school in Oklahoma City. He also interviewed many experts and survivors of plane crashes.

Here are four key tips:

First, sit within five rows of any exit.
One British safety expert reviewed seating plans in more than 100 crashes and interviewed nearly 2,000 passengers. He concluded that five rows is the cut-off for getting out of a burning plane. Beyond that range, your chances of survival are much lower. People in aisles seats have higher survival rates than people in window seats.

Second, pay attention to the safety briefing and develop your Plan A and Plan B in the event of an emergency. Count the number of rows to your nearest exit and your backup.

Third, focus on your action plan during the first three minutes of flight and the last eight minutes. That's when around 80 percent of accidents happen. In other words, before takeoff and landing, don't take off your shoes; don't put on a face mask to sleep; and don't wear earphones.

Fourth, relax.
Your chances of dying on your next flight are one in 60 million. That means you could fly every day for the next 160,000 years and enjoy the peanuts without a problem.


Anonymous said...

Good advice! I am really enjoying your website.


Anonymous said...

We are flying in March -- glad I read this. Love your website, I check in every Monday morning to see what is new!


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